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December 11th & Ealing Council's List Of Shameful Spending

11.12.12: Parents, carers, supporters & Unison members lobby Ealing Councillors & Protest against plans to close 2 Day centre's for the Learning Disabled

Parents, carers, supporters & trade unionists stood on the steps of Ealing Town Hall on the chilly evening of the 11th December to lobby Ealing Councillor's attending Town Hall meetings (particularly the ruling Labour group) and protest strongly against the deeply unpleasant attack on the day service's of the Ealing learning disability community. Ealing Council has made proposals to close two day centre's (Stirling Road & Learning Curve - both in Acton) that provide vital day opportunities to those with a learning disability. Leaflets outlining the plans were handed to passers by with much support gained that has strengthened public opposition in the locality to this cruel attack on our most vulnerable residents.
'Ealing's Forgotten'
Ealing has said repeatedly that it has provided alternatives in the area as part of a currently running consultation with parents, carers and users of the two centre's. It is plain that in reality this is simply untrue and the council is decieving the public. There are no services that even go near to providing the two invaluable services that the two day centre's have given to the Ealing learning disability community for more than 30 years. It is very likely that users will end up, if the closure's go ahead in May 2013, with very little; if any contact with longstanding friendship groupings and the outside world at large. They are likely to become Ealing's 'forgotten' community , stuck inside their homes with elderly carers struggling to care for them.
Taxpayers Money Wasted
This is a sad indictment of the lack of real creative thought that the council has shown in making the savings it is being forced to make following the coalition government's slashing of it's annual budget. Yet it still feels it is neccessary to spend ludicrous amounts of the taxpayers money employing consultants and interim staff, building car parks, updating computer systems and purchasing desks for it's Perceval House HQ.
Surely the needs of the most vulnerable are more important.
Priorities Ealing Labour ?
Ealing's List of shame
  • Ealing Council spent £6.3 Million pounds of taxpayers money employing consultants & interim staff April 2011 - April 2012
  • Ealing Council is spending £5.5 Million on another car park in Southall (with a loan that will cost £500, 000 a year to service)
  • Ealing Council spent £3.6 Million on a new Council wide computer system & £1
    Million on new desks
    (apparently the old one's were too long!)

If as a taxpayer you feel agrieved at such ludicrous spending please make it known.


You can still express your'e anger at how services are being decimated locally. You can write to your councillor, MP, the local newspaper or national media.

Here are some local links to help you:

You can email your protests directly to Cllr Jasbir Anand, portfolio holder for Adult & Children Social Services
here at

You can also email Stephen Day who is the director of Adult
Social Services
days@ealing.gov.uk or even give him a call on 020 8825 9315

Martin Smith is the Chief Executive of Ealing Council, (and doing well on £180k a year!) - he has two email's with which you can contact him on
smithm@ealing.gov.uk or chiefexecutive@ealing.gov.uk

Gary Malcom is the Leader of the Lib Dem Group on Ealing Council malcomg@ealing.gov.uk

Harvey Rose is another Lib Dem who has been positively involved with Day Centre issues before roseh@ealing.gov.uk

Jason Stacey is the opposition Conservative leader jason.stacey@ealing.gov.uk

Greg Stafford is the opposition Conservative spokesman for Adult & Children Social Services gregory.stafford@ealing.gov.uk

Mark Reen was opposition Conservative spokesman for Adult & Children Social Services in the previous administration mark.reen@ealing.gov.uk

Angie Bray is the Conservative MP for Ealing Central & Acton angie.bray.mp@parliament.uk

Virendra Sharma is the Labour MP for Ealing Southall constituency sharmav@parliament.uk

Steve Pound is the genial MP for the neighbouring constituency of Ealing Northstevepoundmp@parliament.uk

The Ealing Learning Disability Partnership Board

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is a group charged with defending the rights of service users in the borough and ensuring they get good services. You can fill out a contact form with your concerns about proposed closures at:http://www.openupealing.net/form.aspx?page=12846

The contact email for The Ealing Gazette is at:

The contact email for The Ealing Times is at:



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