Tuesday, 15 March 2011

All Is NOT Lost... Not Just Yet... So - MARCH In March!!

So the news is thus...

After a gallant fight against the managers and bureacrats at the London Borough of Ealing that raged for many months and witnessed countless demonstrations & lobbies in Ealing and across the borough and with the invaluable support of all of the main campaigning groups locally The Albert Dane Centre for disabled adults & The Links Project for adults with a significant mental health disability will both be closed as of April 4th 2011.

SHAME on the Labour council for going down this tragic road. SHAME on the councillors for BLINDLY following a course set by service managers to throw away valuable services for the residents of this borough. SHAME on managers such as Claire Hutnell & Cheryl Batt for proposing such a closure (in the case of Albert Dane), a service that will close leaving many disabled people in the area shut in their homes and isolated from the community.

One hopes this maybe the last of it. But this writer believes there is worse yet to come.

S.A.D. Ealing will continue to campaign alongside other campaigning groups locally to highlight vociferously this cruel campaign of hate against frontline services for the most vulnerable in our society.

We are hearing of decimation in Ealing Council's Children's services with countless jobs lost, Adult Social Services is also taking a big hit, Social Workers will face an even larger workload with support staff posts disappearing widely in recent cuts. The council Park Ranger service has been slashed with only 4 soon across the entire borough - imagine what Ealing's famed parks will look like soon; and how safe will they be?
That alongside cuts upcoming within the local Health Trust that will affect how NHS services are delivered locally.

Which is why come the end of this month we need to send a message - to our council but moreover to this cruel CON-Dem government that these cuts are immoral, vicious and plainly wrong!

One can barely call them a government, really they are just a bunch of millionaires lobbying for their corparate friends so they can privatise pretty much everything. Well Dave & Nick some things just can't and SHOULDN'T be run as a profit making exercise. Health, Disabled services, Social services...

We want them, we need them and we are proud of them and it makes us a civilised society by doing so.

So if you want to remain a civilised society and all this cutting of frontline services makes you sick...

MARCH in March to save them!!

Let's make this the biggest demonstration of public anger EVER!

Saturday 26th March from 11am Victoria Embankment
                   Marching to a rally at Hyde Park    
for more infomation see  http://marchforthealternative.org.uk/



You can still express your'e anger at how services are being decimated locally. You can write to your councillor, MP, the local newspaper or national media.

Here are some local links to help you:

You can email your protests directly to Cllr Jasbir Anand, portfolio holder for Adult & Children Social Services
here at

You can also email Stephen Day who is the director of Adult
Social Services
days@ealing.gov.uk or even give him a call on 020 8825 9315

Martin Smith is the Chief Executive of Ealing Council, (and doing well on £180k a year!) - he has two email's with which you can contact him on
smithm@ealing.gov.uk  or chiefexecutive@ealing.gov.uk

Gary Malcom is the Leader of the Lib Dem Group on Ealing Council malcomg@ealing.gov.uk

Harvey Rose is another Lib Dem who has been positively involved with Day Centre issues before roseh@ealing.gov.uk

Jason Stacey is the opposition Conservative leader jason.stacey@ealing.gov.uk

Greg Stafford is the opposition Conservative spokesman for Adult & Children Social Services gregory.stafford@ealing.gov.uk

Mark Reen was opposition Conservative spokesman for Adult & Children Social Services in the previous administration mark.reen@ealing.gov.uk

Angie Bray is the Conservative MP for Ealing Central & Acton angie.bray.mp@parliament.uk

Virendra Sharma is the Labour MP for Ealing Southall constituency sharmav@parliament.uk

Steve Pound is the genial MP for the neighbouring constituency of Ealing Northstevepoundmp@parliament.uk

The Ealing Learning Disability Partnership Board  Back to Home page

is a group charged with defending the rights of service users in the
borough and ensuring they get good services. You can fill out a contact form with your concerns about proposed closures at: 

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