Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Remember, Remember The 30th Of November!!

Plenty has been happening in the S.A.D. Ealing camp.

A digest:
  • S.A.D. Ealing Activists have been busy lobbying Ealing Labour Councillors at their surgeries. Not all Councillors have been forthcoming in their support and a few have openly said that because they are recently elected (ie. May this year); they are somewhat scared to vote against the whip. The ballot box will remember them was the reply...
  • One Ealing Labour Councillor was completely unaware of his role as a Deputy Children & Adult Services Portfolio holder! It is very worrying that these are the people that will be voting next week on these closures & cuts and they seem to have NO IDEA about what they are voting on.
      Perhaps he should get a diary?!?
  • Protests against the proposed closures have been held across the borough and the amount of signatories to the petition has swelled yet again.
  • The MOST IMPORTANT DATE is next TUESDAY 30th NOVEMBER from 5pm at Ealing Town Hall.       With the help of members of Ealing Unison and other supporters, we will be lobbying the Ealing Council Cabinet meeting which will give a final vote on whether the Albert Dane Day Centre & the Links Project will close or not. They will also vote on the 'Star Chamber' recommendations from last week which proposed the axing of up to 320 or more posts from Ealing's staff team.
  • So we plainly NEED your support! If we can fill the pavement outside the Town Hall with a loud & seething mass of disgust against these disgraceful cuts then we will be sending a VERY STRONG message to the Labour Councillors that they need to be back where they should be; in opposition to such proposals - NOT proposing them. As was mentioned earlier, the ballot box does not forget...
  •  On November 11th a packed meeting was held at Acton High School to formally begin the Ealing Alliance For Public Services, a coalition of trade unions and interested groupings from across the borough to oppose & resist cuts, service closures, reductions and privatisations of essential services for the community (of which S.A.D. Ealing is very proud to be a part of).
  • Ealing Alliance For Public Services will be staging it's first anti cuts protest outside Ealing Town Hall on Saturday 11th December 1pm - 4pm. Come and show your disgust!
You can email your protests directly to Cllr Jasbir Anand
You can also email Stephen Day who is the director of Adult
Social Services or even give him a call
on 020 8825 9315

Martin Smith is the Chief Executive of Ealing Council, he has
two email's with which you can contact him on  or

Gary Malcom is the Leader of the Lib Dem Group on Ealing Council

Harvey Rose is another Lib Dem who has been positively involved with Day Centre issues before
Jason Stacey Is the opposition Conservative leader
Angie Bray is the Conservative MP for Ealing Central & Acton

Virendra Sharma is the Labour MP for Ealing Southall

Steve Pound is the genial MP for the neighbouring
constituency of Ealing North

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The Ealing Learning Disability Partnership Board  
is a group charged with defending the rights of service users in the
borough and ensuring they get good services. You can fill out a contact form with your concerns about proposed closures at:


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