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    06.09.1960 – 23.09.2010

A Eulogy

Bridget (or ‘Bridie’) attended the Albert Dane Centre but 4 years ago chose to leave, so as to stay at home with her husband Henry when he became ill.
She came back to the centre in February 2010 following Henry’s sad death.

Bridie was very well liked at the centre and made a lot of friends there. She fitted into to our little community like ‘a hand into a glove’.

She said the centre “gave her a reason to get up in the mornings”, as without it she would be at home alone as she didn't expect her children to give up their lives to be with her twenty four hours a day.

She joined in everything she was capable of, went to all the sessions she could. She loved scrabble, up words and animals of the world. She was a very sociable person around the centre and never let the troubles in her life get her down. She was happy coming to the centre and seeing all her friends, they meant an awful lot to her.

When Ealing Council’s Social Services Department told us they proposed to close the centre she was very upset and lost alot of her ‘sparkle’. She vowed along with the rest of us she would fight against the closure because she “didn't want to be stuck indoors 7 days a week, just waiting for the day to pass so she could go to bed and get the day over, as she did when her husband passed away”.

This is what she told me on the last day I saw her on our transport bus that brings us to the centre.

Bridget leaves behind 2 daughters, Sarah and Amy, a step-daughter Joyce and a grandson Oliver.
She is also survived by her  sisters Anna and Noreen.

She will be enormously missed at the Centre by all the service users and staff.


Bridget (‘Bridie’) Fox

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