Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Service User's Voice

We at S.A.D. Ealing are proud to have the involvement of the Albert Dane service users themselves.

Here they tell us a little about themselves and why the centre should not closed. It is plain that the centre has worked wonders for these people, helping them grow as individuals; and they have at the same time helped the centre grow too, but because of the crass and purely budget driven ideals of the upper management team within Adult Social Services in Ealing Council the centre could be coming close to it's demise.

Shame on them for such cold and heartless behaviour, we as taxpayers fund such projects; we could also be disabled one day. We should be asked if we want this valuable centre and resource to be abandoned and then probaly sold for profit. Meanwhile what will the service users be left with? Well, it seems NOTHING...

Perhaps Claire Hutnell (the manager who  wilfully destroyed the service users handmade banners and threatened staff with disciplinary action if they helped the service users in their protest), Cheryl Batt and Director Of Adult Social Services Stephen Day among others should bear that in mind...

email your concerns & protests directly -

or try the leader of the council Julian Bell

>> Val Garrard (Service User At The Albert Dane Centre For The Last 5 Years)
' I suffer from Agrophobia, Oesteoarthritis and Labyrinthitis. After my husband passed away I wasn't able to go out for 18 months as I am unable to go outside by myself. My confidence and self esteem plummeted.
When I first came to the centre I couldn't speak to anyone but with the perseverance, skill and goodwill of the staff and the good friends I have made, I have made great progress. I still find it very difficult to go outside. My confidence in myself however has gone up in leaps and bounds. I am now Chairperson of the User Committee, Forum Secretary and Campaign Chair.
If the planned closure of the Albert Dane Centre goes ahead I fear that I will not be able to go out again and that I will go back to the sad state I was in 5 years ago. As you can imagine that isn't a place I want to re-visit...'
Come protest this Saturday afternoon 9th October, 11am - 1pm outside The Oaks shopping centre, Acton High Street.
It is just opposite NatWest Bank.

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